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10 Inspiring Furniture Flips (Ep. 2) // Beautiful Furniture Makeovers // Furniture Flips!

Taking we’re taking a look back at 10 of our FAVORITE recent furniture flips!

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Paper and tape dispenser:
Top coat:
Circular saw track:
Orbital sander like what I use:
Mouse sander:
Airless paint sprayer (comparable to mine, which is no longer made):
HVLP paint sprayer set I bought:
Similar HVLP gun:
Air compressor I have for my HVLP gun:
Similar air compressor:

Watch our Furniture Flipping Playlist here!

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15 thoughts on “10 Inspiring Furniture Flips (Ep. 2) // Beautiful Furniture Makeovers // Furniture Flips!

  1. Each time I watch this video I pick up a new nugget but I also sometimes just listen to it for the music LOL thanks guys! Love what you’re doing keep up the awesome work and thank you for sharing with the rest of us.

  2. This popped up in my feed. And what a treat! The best furniture flips I’ve seen. You have so much passion for your work, great knowledge and skills. Very inspiring and beauifully filmed, too Subbed!

  3. I have a question for you how would I go by doing the same projects that you do.
    By living in our apartment.
    So there’s no way I can go by disturbing people but still make extra money at the same time not get in trouble by the office and what kind of products would I need to do the same things that you work on.
    And how much money would it take me to get started by doing same projects that you do?

  4. Where do you have all your products that you have done DIYs on and what site do you have them for sale at.
    I really would love to take a look and see what products you have for sale cuz you do such a great job on everything that you rebuild DIY repaint retain customized.
    I really would love to have some of your products in my home if I could afford them.
    If you could please let me know how I could find your for sale site so I could take a look at your products that you have for sale and anything else that you might have for sale please.

  5. Love, love your work! Can you please link the gun with the masking tape and attached protective sheet? I don’t know what it’s called or where to find it. TIA

  6. My favorite were numbers 1,9& 10 my least favorite was number 7 and I liked the black ones with wood color legs. I enjoyed watching .. Ty for sharing

  7. I’m new to all this so probably some stupid questions, but with the paint sprayer you purchased, do I need a hose? Is so, can you recommend one and any other helpful recommendations would be appreciated? Again, very new to all this

  8. These videos would be so much more interesting if you told us what you paid for the piece and what you sold them for. Also how you sell them……..

  9. Some come out nice but some of the beautiful vintage wood dressers are being ruined by paint when they should be restored. Make me sad.

  10. Oh my goodness Andrea, you are so talented! Every makeover today was SPECTACULAR in every way. I will be definitely watching more. Thanks for the inspiration.

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