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How to Make Money Flipping Furniture For Beginners | Easy Furniture Makeover

This video is sponsored by Dixie Belle Paint Company.

🎉UPDATE🎉 I sold the tables a week after this video posted for $200 with a $132 profit! In today’s makeover I’m showing how you can buy, refinish and flip furniture as a side hustle. There are so many up and coming YouTubers who are paying down student loans and their mortgages with the profit from their flips. They inspired me to take things way back to where I started…flipping for a profit! This would be a perfect flip for a beginner. Let’s see if I can get these sold.

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Products used:
Dixie Belle White Lightning –
Dixie Belle Boss white –
Dixie Belle Driftwood –
Dixie Belle Clear Coat Satin –
Dixie Belle Synthetic Brushes –
Library Pulls –
Surf Prep Rad Pads –
Surf Prep 3″ x 4″ Electric Ray (Use Code PRETTYDISTRESSED10 for 10% off your order) –
Festool Midi Dust Extractor –
Painter’s Pyramids –
Kwik Wood –
3M Household respirator w/ particle filters for sanding –
Vapor Particle cartridges –
Hobby Lobby Wood Wheels (for risers) –—2%22/p/23019
Carhartt Overalls –

Key Moments 0:00
Buying Used Furniture on Marketplace 0:37
Prep & Cleaning 1:00
Priming & Painting Furniture 3:24
Sealing Furniture With Topcoat 6:36
Staging Furniture & Taking Photos 9:30
Furniture Pricing Sheet 10:00
Listing Furniture to Sell 11:00

I launched my first online furniture painting course with International Open Academy! Available for $49 and includes 2 hours of instruction at your own pace 👉 (Reg. $99 discount applied at checkout) The class is yours for 60 days, and if you enjoy it you can keep it for life for an additional $14.

I’m Christina Muscari from Pretty Distressed. Follow me:

My equipment:
Canon EOS Rebel SL2 DSLR Camera -
Rode VideoMic Camera Mount Shotgun Microphone –
MacBook Pro (13-inch, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD Storage, Magic Keyboard) –
Rode NT-USB Versatile Studio-Quality USB Cardioid Condenser Microphone (voiceovers) –
Prismatic 18” Halo Ring Light w/ Stand –
Fovitec – 2-Light 900 LED Daylight Panel Kit –

Disclosure: These links contain affiliate links. I will receive a commission for items purchased through these links at no extra cost to you. I appreciate your support. Please read all labels and follow all manufacturer safety recommendations when working with paints, stains, and other equipment and wear and use appropriate personal protection equipment. Viewers should attempt these projects at their own risk.

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22 thoughts on “How to Make Money Flipping Furniture For Beginners | Easy Furniture Makeover

    1. The problem with flipping furniture is storage. If you have one piece, okay, but when you start getting a lot of pieces you need storage unit. And it would seem that repainting furniture would require “air”.

    2. She has to sell the furniture face2face, or locally, because shipping would be almost (almost) prohibitive.

  1. Happened upon ur channel and love it. You gained a new follower because of ur easy to understand method. Question- when u put the first coat of greay paint on did you allow it to dry before using the red pad? If so, for how long? Thanks for sharing

  2. I’m so flag I found you! Thank you for your help, direction, and favorite product list. I can’t wait to get started! 💞🙏✨

  3. Hi. Luv the videos and now you have another subscriber. Could not find the pricing sheet link. If anyone knows of a good one I can download, please let me know. Thanks.

  4. I wonder how the texture feels without a paint gun, can anybody tell me please? I’m thinking no getting a paint gun but if I don’t need it then is better not to spend the money.

  5. I don’t believe this can be profitable. She is selling this for $250 and mentioned it is refinished? You can buy a brand new piece of furniture for that price. It just doesn’t make sense why someone would drop $250 on a refinished piece of furniture

    1. I used end tables as an example, which typically don’t get the highest dollar. I mostly flip dressers, which I can sell between $500-1000.

  6. Thank you so much to the spreadsheet. Super helpful. Love watching your videos. They are honestly inspiring.

  7. I just found you but I absolutely love painting however I’ve never did anything for profit like thus but I could sure use the income. Idk if I can afford any equipment right off tho

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